Disney castle nail art

Was feeling in a sort of childish mood so I decided to draw probably one of my favourite things as a child… Princess castles:) mainly those polly pocket ones!



New polishes

I also got some new nail polishes from Avon (benefit of working for them :P) to try out!


From left to right:

Nail experts gel strength base coat
Nailwear pro+ grape goddess
Speed dry+ suddenly sunny
Speed dry+ pronto purple
Speed dry+ rapid black
Nailwear pro+ noir emerald
Speed dry+ presto plum

Ill do another post later with some swatches! 🙂

Growing my nails

So I’ve had gel nails on the past while and I think I need to let my natural nails breathe a little…

Although I can’t not have polish on my nails.
I’m going to experiment with solar oil and see if it actually helps rehydrate my nails and hopefully they’ll grow a little!

I’ve decided to post weekly pictures, that way ill notice the difference!

Here’s week 1:


The nail polish I used on all my nails (apart from my accent nail) is by OPI and it’s from the liquid sand collection – can’t let go.

On my accent nail I used a nail glitter by gosh called topaz lavender.

One of my favourite base coats is from avon and it’s called revitacool base coat which I also used in this manicure.